Saturday, June 26, 2010

Amish work~~~quick!!!!

Well--I really can't tell ya much about the Amish and their beliefs.  I can tell ya that they sure work QUICK~~~FAST~~~SPEEDEEEE~~~ well you get the picture!!!

Now--I understand that it is really not the right thing to do when your taking a pic of the Amish~~~so I didn't show their faces or zoom in toooo much!!!! Ya think that is OK??
Probably not~~but since when did I ever do the right thing!!!???
Well~~now people--
I didn't hurt anyone!!!

Oh sorry~~this picture has nothing to do with the Amish and their quick work!!!
I just had to include it!! So you would kinda~~
forget about the pictures of the Amish and not think
BAD of me!!!! You can't look at that beautiful baby
and finish reading this blog MAD at me!!!!! Can ya???

Love ya all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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