Friday, January 28, 2011


Ok~~my husband has informed me that this can crusher is as strong as steel!!! Pound fur pound that is!!!  (yeah—mom I know I used improper English) This wooden can crusher is totally amazing!!!! Letmetellya Rob has worked at the very least 3 months on the planning and plotting stage of this strong “SUPER”crusher or should I say “SUPER”man crusher!!! Trust me here folks~~I have used the ding-dong-dang-thing!!!

grandmas 83rd bday and can crusher 011

This is the BIG-bad boy~~I know…I know~~it is totally amazing!!!  We wouldn’t expect anything less from “SUPER”rob!!!

grandmas 83rd bday and can crusher 015

Here is the man now~~do ya’ think he is a little proud of himself?? Oh yeah—babeee!!! Let me tell ya~~he should be!!! I am not sure of the process to adding a video to this stinkin’ think but as soon as I get the time or well..more like when I really just plain ol’ want to get it done~~I will post it to my blog!!! Right now your gonna have to hold on to your britches and just look at the pics!!!!

grandmas 83rd bday and can crusher 022

Look at the beautiful long handle!!! I am tellin’ here folks~~this could be a run way “SUPER”crusher model for any can crusher commercial!!! Don’t you agree? I know that you would!!

grandmas 83rd bday and can crusher 026

Here she is and where she will stay until an elephant tries to tear her down!!! Or so that is what my honey bunny told me!! Oh—honey boney is otherwise know as Rob!!! Now if ya’ catch me on a bad day—his name may be @#$% but that is a story for another time!!! Remember…this is a family blog here folks!!!!!

grandmas 83rd bday and can crusher 023

This is the very reason Rob got busy on this project!!!!! This is just the tip of the ice-burg!!!!

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