Saturday, February 5, 2011

BREAD…BREad and more BRead!!

I found this wonderful easy bread recipe on one of my sites that I follow.  This bread was a “BIG” hit!!! I can’t tell ya’ how easy!!! I have never felt comfortable with my bread making skills but this is just like making a cake!!!!

beautiful winter 2010 006

This bread was nice and soft yet would hold up to a little butter and homemade strawberry jam!!!

beautiful winter 2010 008

Do ya’ think that I am pulling you leg about the strawberry jam!!!

misc cooking pics 059

Well~~think again sis-tuur!!!  This here strawberry jam was created here in this kitchen by my mom and niece!!!

bread and jam 006

The 2 of these together make for a bite of bliss~~and then the next bite gets a little better!! How can a girl stop herself!!?? It is hard just let me tell ya!!!!

bread and jam 001

Now you may find yourself asking??? Did that bread shrink!!?? Well…the answer is NO~~~those were made in my little baby mini loaves!!! When ya’ eat from that loaf of bread those calories are so little—baby—teenee—tiny that they don’t count!!! Or…at least that is what I have been telling myself!!!

This is the link to make this wonderful beautiful bread!!

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