Saturday, February 12, 2011

“PLUM” Loco I’m Tellin’ Ya’~~

My dad is one of the most level headed guys I know!!! Well…except my mom and me and Rob—I feel as if I need to let ya’ know that right up front.  However, this week I thought he had gone “PLUM” looney tooney!!!! He asked my mom to make him a “PLUM” cake??? I was like~~what the heck??? I know that my mom can make just about anything taste good~~who am I kidding~~she can make anything taste good!!! But “PLUMS”~PLUMS~ you would have to be “PLUM” nuts not to ask for one of her famous apple pies or a mocha hot-fudge cake. If you ever catch me asking for fruit versus chocolate you will not that I have “PLUM” lost my mind. So…run quick and call the Dr.

PRUNE CAKE 002Well—I was “PLUM” wrong folks.  I know that is hard to believe but I am not perfect~~as some of you may have thought.  I know…I know it’s “PLUM” ludicrous.

PRUNE CAKE 003I have just got to inform you that when I took my first bite of this moist~~juicy~~dense and buttery-rich cake it “PLUM” knocked me on my cu-tookus!!!  This cake has a bite to it but one that has such a sweetness that follows your taste buds are doing summersaults. 

PRUNE CAKE 004Just look at that burnt-amber red color that develops when the hot simple-syrup is poured over the fresh plump “PLUMS”. Gonna’ give a big thanks to dad for the out-of-the-ordinary choice of dessert~~but the verdict is still out on whether have gone and “PLUM” lost your mind!!?? Just kidding~~or am I?? You just “PLUM” don’t know when it comes to me!!! Have I “PLUM” driven you outta’ your mind???    

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