Wednesday, December 29, 2010


Today has been a pretty darn boring day!!!  Aren’t ya’ proud of me~~I didn’t say damn.  Ooops~~well I tried?? Well---I did!!!! Even though the sun was out and about…I never stepped food out of my house to enjoy it!!! I guess you would say it was also a pretty depressing day as well!!!! This is how darn boring and depressing it really was!!! I organized my my body wash is all together and my razors are all lined up and the toothpaste is....well you get the picture!!!! It was just one of those days where you don’t even care if ya’ stink!!!! You know…where you just lay around and smell yourself and say~~who cares!!! Well…that was ME today!! I even took a few pics to document the monumental event that took place in my linen closet or would you just call it a plastic thing-a-ma-bob-eee!!!! Who cares what the correct name is—it’s a plastic closet like thing that holds my linens and my toiletries!!! So I guess I could call it my lintries plastic closet?? How’s that work for ya’ all???

organization 001

Look at all the Fusion products~~can ya’ tell that the local CVS had a coupon and extra care bucks(ECB’s) on that brand of products!!! What have I become~~a HOARDER!!!! I watch that on TLC~~

organization 002

See—I have all my facial and skin care products in one little plastic container—yeah that’s a plastic container insider a BIGGER plastic container. Shut-up…I have a container problem!! Or so..that is what my mother tells me.

organization 004

Ok—now you know that I am in some serious $@!%.  I have over 8 bottles of Pantene.  How much can one woman that doesn’t even go out of her house need to wash her hair!!! I may wash my hair every 3 days or so—NO that is not gross!!  I am not doing anything strenuous so why would I need to wash that $100.00 dye job down the drain!! I am on a budget here folks~~conserve is the magic word!! What?? I am talking about conserving and power buying in the same paragraph!!! Well—this is how it all works.  You get the CVS flyer a week in advance and then you have your husband run down to the local gas station and purchase 2 papers(yeah…I said 2 because I need double the coupons—its all about conserving…give me a few more sentences and it will all make sense!!!)  Then I match up the coupons with the deals that have ECB’s from CVS and it’s like getting it for free.  They tell me it is called “STOCKPILING”.  Oh my word..what is happening to me?? I have to go~~

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