Saturday, December 11, 2010

Death by “CAKE”

I am telling you that I have been on this baking kick!! I just had to make a chocolate cake with chocolate icing!!! I mean---can you have tooooo much chocolate?? I think not?? Now that we have that question covered lets get to the “CAKE”!!!

cake and cookies 002

Take a nice long look at that icing!!! MMMM~~chocolate butter cream!!! Death for me!!! This really could be the death of me!!! I can eat this entire cake in one sitting and then my belly would swell up and???? If you doubt me…here is another picture of the icing!!! This one is a nice close up!!!

cake and cookies 003

Remember—I am under florescent lights so these pictures will vary in depth of color!!! SORRY!!!! If you are reading this blog post you are a very near and dear person to me.  Just send me an email and I will bake you one of these cakes!!! I won’t be held accountable if you eat the entire cake in one sitting.  It could be the “DEATH” of you!!!

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