Saturday, December 11, 2010


Hey~~have I told ya’ that I have a new “IRON” man in the kitchen!! He is a really good helper and is so “BIG” and “STRONG” that I can’t imagine the kitchen without him!!! I mean he has made kitchen activities so much fun that I can’t hardly tear myself away from his big strong “IRON” grip!!! I am tellin’ ya’ this big boy is a two hander!!!!


Here he is!! See~~I told ya’ that he was a 2 hander!!! I sure hope that you were thinking what I was thinking??? I mean, can you see your kitchen without one of these bad boys!!!??? Well, I sure can’t!!!! Trust me on this one people!!! Get one and you will never go back to Teflon again!!!!


Just look at the ring of KRISPEEE goodness around the edges and the soft warm dense center of this pone of cornbread!! The way that only an “IRON” man can create!!! I would never give this bad boy up~~I think that if there were a fire I would run straight out of bed and hit the pegboard looking for my “IRON” man!! Now..mind ya!!! I would be stark naked but this here skillet is big enough to cover the important parts!!!! Seriously!!!!

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