Monday, December 27, 2010

BEAUTIFUL gifts~~~

This post is about a beautiful lady that I am privileged to say is my friend.  She is one amazing woman and can create even more amazing gifts!!! I only wish I had 1/4 of her creative talent and I may be making some extra money on the side!! However—that’s simply not the case when it comes to my art!!! I am lucky that you are able to tell the difference between the boy and girl stick figures that I draw for baby Jack!!!! Here she is folks~~
christmas 2010 093
Corinne Lineman in all her glory~~~fantastic woman!!!
christmas gifts from corinne 002
This is my first Christmas cactus~~so I am praying to mother nature that I don’t kill the poor thing!!! It looks pretty darn good so far!!! The blooms have already come and gone so we will have to wait on those beauties to make an appearance this time next year!!! Now—the Christmas bulbs are what I am really writing this post about!!! The amazing art work that this woman puts into these tiny little glass bulbs is nothing short of a miracle.  The bigger bulb was my gift from last year and the 2 smaller babies are from this year!!! I just had to show you both!!!!
christmas gifts from corinne 003
This one is of SanDee and all her glory!!! Just look at the detail on that picture!!! It is just~~~well…words just can’t tell ya!!!
christmas gifts from corinne 006
That is my beautiful KaDee~~she has on her beautiful red Christmas collar!!! I am tellin’ ya here folks—this woman doesn’t miss any detail!!!
christmas gifts from corinne 005
This is SanDee in the snow with her beautiful Christmas halter!!! The camera couldn’t capture the life that these gifts have given to me but at least you get a little glimpse of them!!! I will be gingerly wrapping these up and storing them away for next years tree!!! However—these little glass treasures will never really be put away as long as long as I am alive...because they are tucked away in my heart!!!! Thanks so much Corinne~~~love you!!!!

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