Monday, December 27, 2010

Depressed~~Limbo~~Let Down???

You know what I am talking about and don’t pretend that you don’t!!!  The weird feeling that you get after the last shred of wrapping paper falls to the ground and your stomach is about to burst open from all the high caloric foods that you have been inhaling the last few days!!! This funky feeling just keeps lingering over you—because let’s face it~~you really can’t do anything yet because in just a few more days you will be celebrating the arrival of 2011!!! There will be food, friends, family, and probably some more stinkin’ gifts from those of your family that you have yet to see. If you don’t know the freeeekish weird feeling that I am writing of---then consider yourself lucky and go on about your merry little way!!! However—if your human and you know that creeeepeeee feeling that is overtaking you brain and your mood swings then here is a little picture to cheer ya’ up!!!! 
christmas 2010 008Is she just the picture of happiness and joy~~don’t push it WenDee~~we are all working on it!!!

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