Monday, December 6, 2010

Mommy “GUILT”

Well~I thought that I would only feel the “MOMMY GUILT” with my one and only born son.  However…today I found out that is simply not the case!!! During our visit to the vet this morning I found out that my sweet baby girl KaDee Jo has diabetes.  I just can’t believe it~~first thing that I wanted to know was if it was my fault because I didn’t feed her the best food or too much of it or something like that!!!?? However my mind is at rest because the vet assured me this was simply not true and to stop feeling guilt!! This is just something that older wiser puppies get and especially Schnauzers.  Since KaDee Jo is 1/4 Poodle, 1/4 Maltese and 1/2 Schnauzer she is just more prone to developing diabetes. Here are a few pics of our traumatizing morning.

sick kadee 004

sick kadee 005

Look at her bone printed band-aid!!! So sweet!!!

sick kadee 007

She is milking it for all it’s worth!! As she should because he is going to be given 2 injections a day!! Oh—Kadee this is gonna hurt mommy more than it is you!!!! WHAAA!!!  Shot update to come!!!! I am sooooo dreading this needle              thing-a-ma-bobie!!!

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