Monday, December 13, 2010

Am I a “SCHOOL GIRL” or 40??


snow days 004

I know that if your taking the time to read this blog entry your well aware of my health dilemma!!! You know that I am not working and really don’t need to know if it’s gonna’ snow!! However~~last night I couldn’t stop myself from checking the weather channel!! First on the IPhone and when that didn’t look just right I flipped to WSAZ to check and see what Tony had to say, after all he is the CHIEF METEROLOGIST~~when his radar still showed a gap in the snow right over Scioto county I went to the computer!!! Go figure~~like it was going to change from one form of technology or media to the next!!!LOL!!! Well~~I was up before SanDee this morning waiting with anticipation for that phone call!!! Isn’t technology just grand~~I don’t even have to touch my toe to the cold floor to find out if Matthew has school!!! Well….guess what??? It came @ 5:15 this morning and for the life of me I couldn't go back to sleep!!! I thought I was gonna pee the bed because this was the first snow day of the school year!!!!


snow days 001

As you can see for the picture above there is really not a lot of the white stuff but just enough to keep the bright yellow buses off the road!!! So~~I get up and watch the news!! Watching to see if other school SUPERS got a brain and canceled their districts!! GUESS WHAT!!! Most of them did!!! However—I would like to give them a few pointers~~if it’s snowing when ya’ go to bed at 11:00 pm and the temp is only going to go down~~use some common sense and close the schools then!!! It’s just so much better—you don’t have to go thru all this jazzzzz!!!

snow days 002

I’m going to be honest will all of you and tell you the truth.  I am not of school age but simply a school teacher at HEART!!! So—when snow arrives I am also getting a snow day or at least a glance into my past!!! 

snow days 003

This scene is the best part~~~a beautiful memory!!!

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