Thursday, December 16, 2010

Well…We Got The “BIG” One

nut candy10-15snow storm 10-16 007

Here is the famous “RIFFE” rock—well I like to think it is famous!!! Now you on the other had may just see it as~~well~~a rock!! However—if you read my prior post you will see why this rock is so important to me and how it has morphed into becoming famous!!!  Normally you can see our name—and the date of our marriage(oh what a blessed day..LOL) and then a big horseshoe!!!! Everything is covered except the tops of the horseshoe.  So…I am considering this the “BIG” one because we don’t normally get this much snow.  School is usually out with just a snickle on the top of the famous rock!!nut candy10-15snow storm 10-16 006

Here is when I know that Matthew has turned into a man!!!! He gets up and goes out to feed his animals and check on the neighbors animals~~he is house sitting and animal sitting!!! Now—in middle school I would have had to raise 7 kinds of HELL to get him up and out of bed to do this kinda’ thing!! (ooops did I just cuss..sorry if I have virgin ear readers—I will just tell ya’ here and now—this would not be the blog for you so just go ahead and click that big red X!! Shit—go on and do it!!!) OK…OK… Back on track~~~Now he gets up on his own and eats and goes about his marry way and momma is in bed asleep!!! OOOPS—if your mommy of the year this would also not be the blog for ya’ to expose yourself to!! I am sorry—but I don’t want to mislead anyone here or get them addicted to my fantastic writing. Well—back to the picture~~if you look at the image in the truck…that is my little man!!

nut candy10-15snow storm 10-16 005nut candy10-15snow storm 10-16 009

Bring on the SNOW~~we are ready!!! I now have 2 men here to help me dig out!!!!Smile

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