Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Can I Tell Ya’ How Much He LOVES~~

If you ask Rob about our dog KaDee~~he will mumble something along the lines of “I didn’t want a dog or See what did I tell ya’, they are work?” Well let me just show you a little picture or 2 or 3 and then I will tell ya’ the story and you decide how much he LOVES her!!!!

Kadee-snow-blow-spices-banana bread 001

Kadee-snow-blow-spices-banana bread 010

She doesn’t have to lift her leg—he does it for her!! Oh my—he has got it bad!!! While I am on this ding-dong-dang subject~~who do you think gets to give her the 2 shots a day!!!?? Well—here is what I was told---“don’t give her the shot around the time I come home because she will associate me coming home with the shot!!!” Oh my word~~can it just tell ya’ I thought I was gonna’ pee my pants on that one!!!!!Kadee-snow-blow-spices-banana bread 013

This is the story behind the pics~ When it snows enough to rub KaDee’s belly---these little snowballs attach to her hair.  Well…they make her cold when she comes in and they drive her crazeeee because she can’t get the off!!! So—here daddy tells her to get on the bed and he will get the hair dryer!! Believe it or not..not that I really care if you do believe me~~because it is facts here folks!!! She runs and gets on the bed and puts all 4’s in the air!!! He turns on the power and she is in 7th heaven!!! Now back to the question~~do ya’ think that he loves this little girl?? I can tell ya’ that if I put up all 4’s he wouldn’t be getting the hair-dryer…he would toss me a towel!!! LOL!!! Not really—but that’s a post~~for…well—not this blog!!! I try to keep it at the very least PG-13!!! Remember I do use a little foul language!!!

Kadee-snow-blow-spices-banana bread 019

Now—does that look like one happy little girl~~~her daddy’s love is the best!!! He loves her to the moon and back!!! Yes—I know the pictures are not so great!!! Remember—florescent lighting is not so great!!!!

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