Tuesday, December 28, 2010

NO fry~~country fried steak!!!

This is the perfect recipe for the working mom who needs to get a tasty dinner on the table and it’s also wallet friendly tA~boot!!!  The versatility here is endless…a person could use ground turkey, beef, deer, chicken or pick up a package of chopped steak.  This was a staple recipe in our house when I was growing up because we had so many mouths to feed and we always had the ingredients on the shelf.  See~~there was a such a thing as 30 minute meals back in the day…it just wasn’t on the food network!!! The best part is…it really does taste good~~really it does…I am tellin’ ya the truth!!! it may not look the best but your taste buds will rejoice when they get the first bite!!! country fried steak 062Yeah—I see the greeeeezzz on the top—now remember…I didn’t say figure friendly.  This picture was also taken when I very first took the dish out of the oven!!! you have to mix things up a bit!!!! The amazing thing with this NO fry country fried steak is…graveee!  Yeah daddeeeo~~graveeee!!!

This is the Bomb babeee~~the bomb!!! Put a little mashed potatoes on a plate and spoon this over the top and your in heaven.  The sides with this could be any number of things from the frig or pantry---carrots, green beans, rice, peas~~you name it and you could have a great meal. 

country fried steak 055The secret to this recipe is a few cans of cream of mushroom soup—can ya believe it?? cream of mushroom soup.  I can tell ya a few meals you never knew existed that we ate with cream of mushroom soup.  that’s for later!!! now ya’ take that ground meat that you have added a little salt and pepper to and patty it out into little weird looking shapes. that’s it folks…simple and easy~~now you could kick things into high gear and add some other spices and you get a whole new taste!!!


you have dinner!!!!

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