Sunday, December 5, 2010

Snow~Chicken Noodles~Biscuits~ and Warmth

This weekend we had some very cooold snowy weather!!! So…being the super cook that I am(not really) decided we needed to warm our tummies with some“HOT” comfort food.  I decided to take some pictures of our little food adventure!!!

snow,chicken noodles, 001

snow,chicken noodles, 002

snow,chicken noodles, 003

snow,chicken noodles, 004

Doesn’t the view look so beautiful!! I just love snow…but after Christmas I am totally over it!!!

snow,chicken noodles, 005

snow,chicken noodles, 007

snow,chicken noodles, 009

These here biscuits were kinda small but they actually tasted pretty good!! If ya’ look close at the 2nd picture you can see how flakeeee they really are!!! I think that these were pretty stinkin’ good considering that they were the first little fellars that I made totally on my own.  So~~I told the boys’ to eatem’ and shut up!!!

snow,chicken noodles, 011

Look at that~~noodles enveloped in chicken stock, carrots, celery and homemade egg noodles.  That “homemade noodles part” was a lie but don’t tell on me~~pleeeeeze!!!!!

snow,chicken noodles, 012

Look at those super rich smashed potatoes with big chunks of potato and the skins.  I loaded them up with sour-cream, sea salt, freshly ground pepper and a splash of whole milk!!! Mmmm~~ultra comfort in that pot!!!

snow,chicken noodles, 017

This is reality here people~~~2 biscuits on the bottom then piled with corn and loaded with smashed potatoes.  Now—just when you thought it wouldn’t get any better the chicken goodness is ladled over the top.  We smell…eat…pile on the couch in a food comma!!!  It’s the best thing to cure the winter blaaahs!!!!  Well…I guess a little sugar is in store.  That’s a post for tomorrow!!! Stay tuned!!!!

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