Monday, May 16, 2011

“PREP” time!!

Well~~as many of you know I am now spending my time cooking and learning how food works and how it doesn’t.  Poor family…you have to be the guinea pigs!! You should also be aware of the things that Rob has been getting me and making me~~just for this special event in my life. LOL…like I am freeeeeking “ROYALTTTEEE”!!! If you didn’t already know about these little goodies go to some of my previous posts and you will see things like peg-boards and cutting boards and nik-naks and such!!! I am soooo excited to welcome my newest addition to my cooking repertoire!! 

prep table take 2 001

Look at her rich…thick…smooth butcher block top~~she's a beeeuuuut isn't she??

prep table take 2 002 

Take a look at those big rolling casters~~this gives her a good smooth ride.  Rob had those puppies special ordered~~reason being…the rubber will grip the floor and make for and easy transition from one spot to another!! You know I could be creating a 6 tier wedding cake on this sucker and I could roll it to the car without even as much as a wiggle!! HEHEHE!!!

prep table take 2 007

Safety is her number one concern~~so she has several little “L” brackets hitched up to her underbelly!!  These are for when I am using my deadly weapon—Wustof…I can chop at record speed without any concern that the butcher block top will fall and hit my lil’ toe.

I will have to say my dear~~you did one fine job.  Thanks…I know that she will be put to good use.

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