Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Yummee for the winter--

Mom worked all day yesterday to make her delicious apple butter.  I am serious this stuff is lethal…you could eat your weight in it and then not be able to walk!! I wanted to say a “GREAT BIG” thanks for the gold that I slather rather thickly upon my morning toast.   I know it is hard work and it is easy to go to the store and pick up a jar or can for $0.79 or something like that but it is just not the same.  So—thanks for all of the hard work!!! My toast and taste-buds will be thanking you this winter when it is 19 degrees outside and I am experiencing an explosion of fall flavors.  I know I am being a little over dramatic here folds….but I just have to make you understand how much this apple-butter means to our family!!!

apple-butter and fall with jack 10-11-11 001apple-butter and fall with jack 10-11-11 018

The red apple you see here in the photo would be the little cuties that produced this golden-amber-loveliness.  The yellow apples are for eating.  Mom and Dad went to the orchard and picked up an order that had been placed earlier in the year.  This orchard takes orders and your only allowed one bushel of each kind of apple because they were limited on them this year.  Not a good year for apples either~~at least that seems to be the case.  I am by no means a professional on apple-orchards  but since we had problems with our garden producing this year that is what I figure happened to the apples?? Also—the man that is running this orchard is getting tired so he is looking for a good owner.  If not this will be it for this splendid apple orchard.  Again~~ THANKS mom!!!!!

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