Wednesday, May 19, 2010

This I LOVE~~~~~

This is totally off the radar screen from the lights~~camera~~action
entry that I have been writing about.
However~~~I just can't help but write about this!!

This I love...
my son with my brothers son...

watching Matthew use his big tough hands
touch Jack's tiny gentle ones
moves my heart to NO end...

to see Matthew wrap his strength around the weakness of a
small baby wraps love around my heart...

to watch my 17 year old son touch the belly of his
baby cousin and talk to him with his
deep voice touches my soul...

watching Matthew cradle baby Jack in his
big strong arms and play with him
makes my heart sing with pride!!!

My son who is the first person to tell you that he

Can I say it one more time~~this I love...
Matthew John Riffe

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