Thursday, March 8, 2012

“GIFT” or snow??

OK—this is how the story start on this blog post.  On March 1, 2012 I was telling everyone in the family that it always snows on my b-day which happens to be March 5th.  Well—my lovely smart-arss of a brother asked me if that was a way of drawing attention to my day so that I would get “GIFTS”!  I just calmly and smirkingly stated that I simply was not I was stating a fact!! I went on to tell him that there has only been one year that I can remember in my short 41 years of existence that there has not been snow on the ground or falling from the sky.  How did you like that few years of existence statement!!  LOL!!  Yeah I figured you caught it!!  Well…since it has been such a warm winter, I mean who am I kidding, NO winter at all so it was kinda’ hard to believe that we would be waking March the 5th to snow.  So I just waited and snapped pictures like a mad woman that morning.  I will let the pictures speak for themselves.  Mind you I am I guurl that takes a challenge to heart especially when it comes to one with my bro!!  I started taking pictures around 6:35 am.  

misc pics and 42nd bday 134misc pics and 42nd bday 135misc pics and 42nd bday 136

The above picture may appear a little blue to you and it is but not for lack of skills from the photographer.  The reason for the blue cast is because the sun was just starting to come up and that was the light hitting the snow.  You can see the sun just starting to peak thru in the 3rd picture.

misc pics and 42nd bday 137misc pics and 42nd bday 138misc pics and 42nd bday 139misc pics and 42nd bday 140misc pics and 42nd bday 141misc pics and 42nd bday 142

Here are a few more pictures and 2 of my 3 babies~~SanDee the horse and LuCee the Lab mix.  Soooo~~~~~here you go John Taylor Biggs!!!  Never doubt your oldest sister because I am always right.

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