Tuesday, March 6, 2012

The OTHER Guy~~

Well…I once again have neglected my blog but a special gift that I am holding in my hand has changed all of that! Trust me!!! 
This other guy is the reason that I am once again in LOVE~~misc pics and 42nd bday 035
Here is David Costas Biggs and I am so smitten with him.  I think he might even be a little in love with me.  I know…I know…it is hard to believe that I could be loved. lol!!
misc pics and 42nd bday 019
Look at those big baby blues~~yeah we both have them!!  This is such a different time in my life and this little guy is helping to feel that void!!  “DIFFERENT TIME” yeah…I know that peaked your interest and I will start writing about this soon.
misc pics and 42nd bday 120misc pics and 42nd bday 123misc pics and 42nd bday 125misc pics and 42nd bday 127misc pics and 42nd bday 129misc pics and 42nd bday 132
Here we are again with Auntee WenDee giving him the first baby bath she has actually given in several years!!  Luckily momma wasn’t far away and she came to our rescue!! Let’s just say it was all worth it…he got to wear his Elmo robe and slippers~~PRICELESS!!!!
Yes---this post is in response to you~~pics of me on the other side of the lens and all!! YES…”BEAUTIFUL LADY” I am talking about you.

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