Wednesday, March 9, 2011

March Update~~~

As many of you are aware~~I have health problems and when it rains or drastic temp changes…as has been the last few weeks the nerve really irritates me!!!  So…yesterday I had a pretty darn good day~~well for a short while!!! I am gonna’ post some pics of the events that have been going on in the Biggs/Riffe household!!! I am not gonna’ do any fancy editing!! These pics are all natural—so please look over any dirt, trash, bugs, hair…well you get the point!!!!  LOL!!! Oh and one more thing—they are in NO particular order!!!

Matthew back from him “BIG” scrapping haul~~loves counting and saving his $~~woooohoooo!!!
misc march pics 013

Copper and Chief~~Matthew’s pups!!! Too stinkin’ cute!!!
misc march pics 016misc march pics 019
Matthew and his buddy~”JR” salvaged this little boat!! Great find and a lot of money left in the pocket on this little puppeeeee!!! Rob really enjoyed working on this with the boys!!!!

Check out the lift on that swivel seat!! These were also a salvage find!!!!

misc march pics 026
Here is the “BIG” girl~~SanDee!!!
misc march pics 025
misc march pics 029

Can ya’ tell she is enjoying this mud!!!?? Well this is good nail therapy for her~~or so that is what they Ferrier told me!!!
misc march pics 038
Me~~with my babeeeee!!!! Wow…he is soooo “BIG”
misc march pics 035
Matthew wouldn’t get the pups out for me~~I am still pouting about it!! He told me that he was not chasing them up US 23!!!
misc march pics 049
Matthew cleaning out the dog run~it finally warmed up enough to thaw out the lines!! We thought it was broken~~guess not??
misc march pics 053
The pups were runnin’ for the little whole so that they would not have their hair blown off of his skin.  They are really wanting me to get out buuuuut Matthew wouldn’t get them out for me!!!??? humpf!!!

misc march pics 060

Look at my dirteeee babeeee~~she just can’t stay out of the mud??

If you can overlook the mess you will see the oars for the boat…you know that one I talked of earlier in the post!!!

misc march pics 066
Me—baking!!! Yeah…I took full advantage of the day!!! I am frosting the red velvet cake brownies with white chocolate butter cream icing.

So~~this is the monthly update…thus far anyway!!! Remember it is only early March.  I am sure there will be more fun in the sun to come!!!

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