Saturday, January 28, 2012

GINGER~~oh yes!!

In my “KNOW”ledge box I wrapped my fingers around a lil’ bottle that looks like the picture below.

Jacks bday~~2 yrs 029

I glanced at the bottle with little attention being paid to the description of this salt.  So I thought hmmm~~gonna use that on my roasted veggies and rice.  I love different salts and sprinkle them all over the skin of a sweet potato so that it makes a salt crust.  Oh my—so…so…so good.  Give it a try and it will change your relationship with sweet potatoes.  Ok~~back to the salt.  I took the little bottle and flipped the top open and just went to town shake-shake—shaking the little granules all over the roasted brussel sprouts, steamed carrots and a little bit of baked brown rice.  Yeah—you read that correctly!! The rice was baked.  I am telling you this is a not fail way of fixing brown rice!! More on this recipe to come but I have gotta’ get back to this fusion salt.  I took the first bite of my concoction and the next thing I knew I had an explosion of ginger dancing on my taste buds?? I jumped up from the recliner and started the happy-ginger-dance and took a look-see at the little bottle of salt.  The word fusion should have been the 1st clue that this is just not any ordinary salt.  No sir-e-bob…it is infused with ginger.  What-uh you know?? Ginger is my all time favorite spice.  I just about put ginger in or on my recipes/food if I can get away with it.  So~~she did it again.  This mystery friend of mine knew me well enough to know that I would be in stinkin’ love with this fusion salt. 

Jacks bday~~2 yrs 028

The veggies you see in the picture above are very very tasty because I added the fusion salt.  As I am shaking the ginger infused salt all over my dinner I have a GREAT big smile on my face because I know that she listens to me. She knows me!!  She cares that I love ginger and found it in something that I would not expect it to be in.  She knew that I wouldn’t expect it and then “BAMB” I was surprised.  I just love this salt and I really love my dear friend of mine. Yes I do!!!!

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