Monday, January 16, 2012

The lengths that papa will go~~


Jack was playing with play-dough under the dining room table the other day.  He felt safe and secure under there but he felt even more secure with papa David under there with him.  Papa even said his neck was hurting him at one point and Jack was lickudee-split back with a pillow for papa and one for him. Now please keep in mind that I was holding baby David while using my iPhone to take these pictures. So they are not the best quality!!

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KaDee even got in on the action by plopping her butt on one of the pillows—that Jack didn’t not find one bit amusing.  He slowly nuuughed her off with his bel-bow(elbow).  He and KaDee have a love hate relationship.  See…Jack was the first thing that has been able to come between KaDee and I and she simply will have none of it.  However—she would never bite him.  Now that baby David is here she just goes over and takes a dog-nap while I rock the baby and talk to him and coo—and ooo-and goo!! She knows that I will soon finish up with this small distraction and she will once again be my number one.  

iphone pics jan 2012 042

Look at this cute little guy~~he is not a nerd in the least but today you would never know it!!

iphone pics jan 2012 057

iphone pics jan 2012 058

However he is the cutest darn nerd you’ll find round these here parts.

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