Tuesday, January 10, 2012


Thanks to my baby sis(Alison) I have found the best ding-dang-delicious salt of ALLLLLLLLLLLLLLL time!!! I am not kidding you when I tell you I eat this stuff every single day of my life.  I never ever find myself reaching for the regular ol’ salt???

salt salt of all time 001

It is called REALSALT by REDMOND and it states that it is Ancient ALL NATURAL SEA SALT.  I first bought the little bottle that you see here in the picture at the Whole Foods in Columbus.  When I discovered that I was in love with this salt I then went back for the big 26 ouncer with the handee-dandee pour spout. 


salt salt of all time 005

See here is a nice close up shot of the pour spout which makes it very nice to fill up the bottle or your little salt shakers.  I don’t even bother with them because I would go thru it tooooo quickly…I just refill the 9oz bottle.  The info on the bag is like a little mini-geography lesson but I will spare you all the details.  I will tell you that on the front of the bag it states that the salt is from unrefined sea salt that has been left behind by an ancient sea bed.  This salt contains 50 plus trace minerals including iodine which your body has to have.  I am not sure about all that but I sure do love it and to think about it in those terms it is as if your eating a lil’ part of history in every bite.  LOL!!!  So go ahead and get you a bottle or bag or both because your will never look back to your old salt again.

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