Tuesday, April 26, 2011

EASTER cardio~~~

We had an exciting EASTER morning workout…

I received an early morning Easter call that really got my blood pumping!!! The female voice on the other end told me SanDee our 2,000 lb. babeeee girl was standing out in the middle of the road!! Well…she didn’t exactly put it in those specific words but that is how I am telling it because it sounds good!!  At first I thought that this was a joke because the phone number showed up on the caller ID as an Ohio # and I had played a very similar trick on my son and dad earlier in the month.  I know it wasn’t very nice but I just had to do it because it was April Fools day and a long standing tradition of mine!!! So…I asked the lady on the phone if she was kidding me!!! Well~~~when she told me her name I knew without a doubt she was indeed telling me the truth!!! This woman just doesn’t joke about these things…I just know…don’t ask me how but I know!!! I ran to the window and sure enough there she was standing out in the middle of East Tygart~~so I started telling her to get of the road and to come here~~I was really scolding her!! She—hears my voice and follows the voice trail up the bank but instead of getting in the yard and coming to me she goes right up the middle of the road!!! Oh my dear word~~~I was about to panic!! I ran back in and got my son who was still dead asleep because he is over the age of getting up at the crack of dawn to see what the Easter bunny had brought him-mind ya’ I am not complaining the least little bit.  I was a little over kill when telling him to save SanDee!!! I was only doing this because I just knew without a shadow of a doubt that he would think I was tricking him again.  So…Matthew was yawning and stretching and was only dressed in his underoos.  I started getting theatrical because I just had to get him out there!!! After all this is his horse and she will respond to him!!! I guess…still thinking that I was kidding he strolls out on the porch barefoot and with only his under-shorts on.  Then when he spots her on the road he takes of running to get her out of danger!!! Sooooo---he is running without shoes and just a pair of black boxer UA under-shorts.  Luckily his best friend was at the house and heard all the commotion and sprung out of bed and had enough wits about himself that he pulled on his boots.  Soooo we got the ol’ cardio in bright and early…that way we could stuff ourselves with more food than we had originally planned.  See…it all works out in the end.  I would like to thank the following people for helping with our little or should I say “BIG” horseee problem.  Mom(she was the first on the scene) Rob was the second on the scene and went to get the sweet feed bucket~~he really knows his “BIG” girl!!! LOL!!! Johnny Rae (BF) and Joey (BF’s brother) and my almost naked son who thank heavens had on his black tight spandex panties~~~LOL!!!  Beauty and the Sun 10-03-08 035

NANABOOBOO!!! Now you’ll get up outta’ bed and feed me!!!!

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