Monday, April 11, 2011

“HAMMOCK” Sunday~~

Well..for the 2 people that actually ready my blog you know that I have been really wanting to get in my hammock!! However~~the good ol’ back wouldn’t allow it until this SUNDAY!!! YES!!!  I love to lay in this outdoor bed where I can look at the sky and clouds and whatever else may be out that day.  I may even get a little bird dooodooo if I am not really vigilant about bird watching.  LOL!! So..I was so thrilled about the hammock situation I grabbed Rob’s phone and snapped a few shots.  Rob’s like that~~always prepared~~his book bag that he carries to work with him could save the world.  You think I am beautiful 2 friends out there..I can assure you I am not!!!  So…just ignore the background because it is a dirty mess but I don’t care! I am alive and I am in my hammock!!

robs iphone pics 058

As you can see I was on my side using Rob as my support.  He is good like that~~he also supports me in everything that I do.  I LOVE him..can you tell??

robs iphone pics 060

Can you tell I am one happy guurl!!??

robs iphone pics 059

Well…you didn’t think that I would be without my baby girl did you?? I sure hope not because she is more attached to me now than ever.

robs iphone pics 065

This was the view.  Don’t you think that it was a beautiful day? I sure did.  Thanks~~Rob for the hammock and putting it up…and oh yeah—for putting up with me tooooo!!

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