Friday, April 15, 2011


Once Upon A Time~~a long…long…long time ago—I asked Rob to make me a certain headboard.  Well..I never got that headboard nor did I really think much about that headboard.  I am used to not getting things…well not really but it makes you have some empathy for me?? Right?? So…needless to say Rob being Rob started researching that headboard.  He know everything about that headboard…down to the thickness of the mounting cleat in the back.  Now—this is what my bed looks like~~remember I have not had a headboard since we were married so I am in just a bit of a shock state of mind. 


Look at that beauty~~I just love it and I am also in LOVE with my honeeee!! Did I tell you all that I really LOVED my honeeee?? If not~~listen up.  I LOVE MY HONEY!!!!!!!!! Don’t think it is just because I got my headboard or anything.  I DO love him and I tell him ALL the time.  However---the headboard sure did help him out in that department. 

jack and headboard may 14 adn 15 031

Sorry—the coloring is a little off here.  The chocolate brown that we picked matches the bedding just perfectly.  Can you tell?? Yeah I know you can.  Thanks~~I know it is BEAUTIFUL!!!


Yeah—the orange nursing bone matches just perfect.  KaDee just had to have it back on HER bed.  Lord help me---she is a bossy little thing.  I have NO idea where she gets that from????


Well now~~how did that little booger get in there?? He is so stinkin’ cute I had to show him off just a bit!!!

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