Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Coming BACK to him~~~

bow 09-01-10 024
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Rob used to do everything from basketball to sleigh riding with Matthew. Then to his great heartbreak his son started getting older and getting that MOM AND DAD ARE STUPID AND GAY AND I NEVER WANT TO BE SEEN WITH THEM attitude. Well~~within the last several months Rob has noticed his son coming BACK to him!!! Matthew started welding but his dad knew very little about it even though Matthew would ask him a few questions concerning welding during our dinner conversations. Sooo~~when Rob came home from work one night and discovered that his son had purchased a very nice bow he got a guarded but very happy look on his face. Matthew was finally going to venture into his world~~and this really is his world because he used to shoot the bow in competions and for pleasure for many years. So--as you can tell from the pic "he is coming BACK to him!!! "
LOVE it!!!!!

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