Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Wouldn't Have HIM Any Other Way~~~

OK...the title is a little perplexing yet simple rolled up in one??? Well-I am talking about MY son.  I will have to say that it has taken me a little while to say this but I can say it without hesitation and a HEART exploding with love and pride!!!! Yeah~~I said it!!! I am sure that if your honest with yourself you have not always been on the...lets say..the same page as your child.  Really I think that it was that the DREAMS I had for my son were not going to happen--NO Matthew is not going to be an indoor suite wearing breadwinner nor is he going to go to college for 4 or 5 years. He has his own goals, dreams, desires, and things that make him happy and feel good about himself.  So--I guess really what I am saying is I had to stop trying to live thru my child and let him be happy with his decisions.
This is my kid...son...first and only born and~~~~

He has discovered something that has made him feel all those things that I wanted to feel living thru him.  That is being a true blue country boy and welding.  Yeah--he loves welding!!! He has had such great success in his welding classes and loves the hands on skill of creating something with cold metal and a welding rod.  I am so happy that I have let go and instead of me feeling the great success---HE is the one living it and I.......

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