Tuesday, September 7, 2010

pegboard...pegboard...i am in LOVE!!

Oh my word~~I have to tell ya about what my honey did for me!!! Instead of buying me diamonds and gold my spouse buys me pegboard~~and I couldn't be happier!!!! I have had this little hole in the wall for years and have really never been able to see in it nor actually make use of it!! Well--now girls hold your skirts down because Rob went and made that hole usable and lighted as well!!! WoooootWooooot!!!

See...see...I can see now!! It is nothin' fancy but it works and that's GREAT for me!!

I am in pegboard heaven~~everything is in it's place!! BEAUTY and PERFECTION all in one!!!
Look at it from the floor level~~its still fantastic!!!! I can't find a BAD thing to say about my husband or his work!!! AND that's sayin' a lot because I can pretty much complain or find something wrong with just about anything!!!
I am a happy cook and it will show in my hubbies waist-line!!!LOL!!
Your the BOMB babeeee~~the pegboard BOMB!!!!!

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