Wednesday, September 8, 2010


This is a site that I have not seen in the almost 25 plus years that I have lived in this house!! Yeah~~I have seen this tree but not a hornets nest in our backyard family tree!! What I mean by the backyard family tree is just right outside our back is where we sit and string is where we laid our tomatoes this year to ripen so they would not fry right on the is where the children climb and have fun so I am thinking that your getting the picture here about the meaning of the family tree. Now~~I do differentiate between the front yard and the back yard because he have one of these leaved creatures in the front yard and the side yard as well!!! Yeah-we are tree crazeeee around here. If you look at the opening of the nest you can see a hornet just peeking out and one that is getting ready to enter the doorway. This is kind of a neat little bit of the weird summer that we have had.

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