Tuesday, September 21, 2010

A GIRLS gotta get her nails done!!

SanDee has been having some problems with her hooves but I am gonna call them her nails just because she is a girl and girls have nails!!! Sorry but that's just how I feel about the situation and it also ticks my dad off~~so that is really a thrill in-and-of-itself!!!  So~~as you can see she had to have a few metal braces and screws and a little nail glue to fix the problem!!! Looks painful but the MEN assure me that she is not suffering in any way!!!! So I am thinkin' that I will have to believe them~~if nothing else but for my own sanity!!! So--SanDee gets to have a little pampering each day!!!

Sooooo here she is to get her sweeeeet feed~~but little did she know that we were also gonna give her some nail polish for her cracked dry nails!!!! Right up to the cuticle line!!!
I am gonna show ya some of the muscle behind the nail job~~I want to warn you before you see the pictures!!! So don't be alarmed!! My son is in his basketball shorts NO shirt and lace up work-boots!!! Go figure--but I WOULDN'T have him any other way!!!

Now this is my honey...my man...my back...my best friend and he is a keeper!!!

Now don't let this picture fool ya!!! He is a big help to Matthew and is always there to help or teach him in any way that he can!!!! That is probably one of the BIGGEST reasons I love him so much!!!

Here is the little darlin' now!!! She knows that something is up but she still wants her sweet feed and corn so she is gonna go for it but keeping an eye on us at all times. Now~~don't worry!!! SanDee is very calm and would never hurt one of us but let me tell ya~~if she doesn't want to do something she ain't gonna do it!!! Remember--these types of horses can move 4 to 5 times their weight.
Here is the bottle of nail-polish and as you can see it is a nice shineeee brownish..greenish..poop color!!! Just being honest here folks!!!

She was actually very well behaved but dad just came in to give a little assistance.  However--Matthew did a fantastic job and all is well with her NAILS!!!! Yeah~~I said it again...DAD!!!LOL!!!

Look at those BIG beautiful hips on that girl~~~not to mention the long beautiful tail!!! Not many Belgian Drafts have the long tail because they are used for working or showing the hips!!! Well I am telling you that I wouldn't have it any other way!!!!

Look at this cute little babeee!!! She can't miss a thing that is going on around this place.  She is also stylin' in her FALL collar with a pumpkin charm!!!!
Tooo cute!!!!

This traumatic event called for a little bit of lovin' and pampering so Rob and Matthew gave her a little extra TLC this evening!!!

Geeeeezzzz this being a beautiful girl is a lot of hard work!!! I am worth it!!! Thanks!!

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