Thursday, June 30, 2011

The 2nd day of BREAD~~

The 2nd day of bread making is the best because you get to eat the end result.  So—here go the pics and directions here and there and maybe even a little story.
bread for my dearest friend prt. 3 002
Sorry that this is a little blurry but what you need to see is the bubble action.  This is what your bread will look like in 18 hours or so~~really this was more like 24 but I just couldn’t seem to drag my saggy arss outta’ the bed @ 5:30 am~~so this is what you get even if you do go over the 18 hour limit.  I am going to tell you now that when you take that tea-towel off and then the plastic wrap~~the smell that hits you in the face is unreal…fantastic…like sex in scent form!!! OK~next!!!
bread for my dearest friend prt. 3 003
Flour your amazing prep table that your honey made you~~or just any ol’ surface with do. 
bread for my dearest friend prt. 3 004
Take the bowl and your gonna’ have to get dirty on this one.
bread for my dearest friend prt. 3 006
You have to use the kitchen tools that GOD gave ya’ and pull the bread out and onto the floured surface.
bread for my dearest friend prt. 3 007
This blob is what you get~~it is kinda’ sticky and shageeee but it will turn into a thing of beauty here in a few more pics.
bread for my dearest friend prt. 3 008
Dust the top with plenty of flour~~go ahead…it will be ok!! You don’t have to measure the amount—just take a handful and cover the top of the bread.
bread for my dearest friend prt. 3 009
Take one side and lay it over the blob.  Yes..I notice these pics are a little yellow in tint?? Still can’t figure out what the deal is??
bread for my dearest friend prt. 3 010
Pull the other side over top of that.
bread for my dearest friend prt. 3 011
The turn the bread over and hit it with a little more flour~~go ahead it is ok!!!  Remember—I can not control the lighting in the basement~~and I can not ever seem to get the hang of using the manual control on my camera~~so if you know how to help me please let me know…if not then just over-look the coloring.
bread for my dearest friend prt. 3 012
Now—form in a ball and dust with flour…cover with plastic wrap and I have to use the tea-towel.
bread for my dearest friend prt. 3 014
See it is still there and looking good~~that is really its only job…just sit there all covered in flour and chill.
bread for my dearest friend prt. 3 016
Now—sit the timer for 15 mints.  Do you like my pink timer?? I do and it is the breast cancer symbol~~so some of the profit went to a good cause.  That helped to better ease my mind because I have problems when it comes to spending money..therapy???
bread for my dearest friend prt. 3 017
Do you know what a sill-pat is?? If not you really need to get acquainted with one because they are a life changing little pat of a thing.  You do NOT have to use one of can use wax paper or parchment paper or whatever else you might have??
bread for my dearest friend prt. 3 018
So dust the life changing pat with AP flour and then put the ball of dough on it.  Dust with a little flour~~not a great deal but you don’t want the ball to be sticky at this point.
bread for my dearest friend prt. 3 019
bread for my dearest friend prt. 3 020
Cover up the ball of lovin’ and your gonna’ let it sit for 2 hours and babeeee your almost there!!!! It is so darn great!!!
bread for my dearest friend prt. 3 021
So I am whipping out the technology~~just in love with the I-phone.
bread for my dearest friend prt. 3 022
bread for my dearest friend prt. 3 024
Remember these puppies~~I wrote about them at Christmas time!!! They will be change your life for the better~~I am being dead serious…seriously I am.  I call them a dutch oven…however most people call them cast-iron pots because that is exactly what they are.  However—don’t be all distraught and all~~you can use any pot that will go in the oven that has a lid that will fit it.  However~~I am tellin’ ya’ now to get your arss up and order one of these.  Now…don’t get me wrong or anything~~they are not the name brand ones that would cost over $100.00 a piece.  NO…these are the Sam’s brand and they work just great.  However~~if your wanting to purchase one of the name brand cast-iron pots…by all means fell free to do so.  I am sure that it will be well worth the cash.  Ok~~Turn the oven on 450 degrees 30 mints. before the 2 hour time period for the last rising of the dough.  You need to place the dutch oven with the lid on in the oven so that it heats as your oven heats up.  Ok—nothing toooo complicated yet~~
dearest friend and bread prt.4 001
See…I even put the 30 mints on the timer~~all this just for you my dearest friend.  Yeah—you know who you are and I know you have a great BIG smile on your face.
dearest friend and bread prt.4 002
Here they are going into the cold oven~~and they come out all piping hot.
dearest friend and bread prt.4 006
So that is why your gonna’ need a pair of these oven-gloves…yeah they are the “ONES SEEN ON TV” but Rob ordered them from the internet so there!!!  Trust me when I say that you will need them and maybe a pot-older or 2 or 3.  Those dutch ovens get extremely hot and they are heaveeee!!!
dearest friend and bread prt.4 004
Get ya a farm fresh egg—this is a real farm fresh egg~~I would explain but I have got to get this blog entry over with. Thanks Crys~~
dearest friend and bread prt.4 005
Swish the egg around in a little blue dish-thingee and get your handee-dandee brush for the egg-washing of the bread.
dearest friend and bread prt.4 007
With 5 mints. to go on the rising of the bread---get the pots out of the oven with your oven gloves~~if you don’t have any go out and get ya’ a pair.  Trust me you will love them. 
dearest friend and bread prt.4 008
Pull off the ever-loving-tea-towel and plastic wrap and have sex again with the smell.
dearest friend and bread prt.4 009
dearest friend and bread prt.4 010
Look at the beautiful ball of nothing but lovun’ bread!!! comes the hardest part of this entire recipe—other than having to read this dreadful blog entry.  Lord…is it ever gonna’ end?? So—you take the sill-pat or parchment or some people even use a tea-towel~~yeah the good ol’ tea-towel.  Sorry…I couldn’t help myself.  You have to pick up the sill-pat~~in my case…and flip the bread into the hot…hot…very hot dutch-oven.  Oh..forgot to tell you to take the lid off of the very…very…hot pot but you need to do that or you will have dough all over your handle and we wouldn’t want that now would we??
dearest friend and bread prt.4 012
See how the bread looks in the very hot pot and there is AP flour all over the sides?? Well…that is how it is supposed to look.  Well now~~you can totally skip the egg wash thing!! I do it because my sis-in-law that made me aware of this beautiful bread does the egg wash---if you don’t want to do this—skip it~~see if I care!!!
dearest friend and bread prt.4 014
dearest friend and bread prt.4 016
Look…all purtee and golden!!!
dearest friend and bread prt.4 017
Put the flour covered lid on--make sure it is AP flour by-all-means!! Bake for 30 mints. with the lid on.
 dearest friend and bread prt.4 018
take5 002
When you take the lid off bake for another 20-30 mints. longer then plop it out on a bakers rack and wait for about 10 mints. for it to cool just a tad bit and then cut it with the best serrated bread knife you have.  If you look very closely at the pic. that is a Wusthof bread knife and is the BOMB.  This is a $200.00 knife but I won a bid on e-Bay and got it for only $20.00!!!! WOOO-HOOO lucky me.  Sorry that this post has been so darn long but I wanted to show you every single step that I could possibly think of.  Then—you would feel more comfortable making the bread.  I sure hope you do because this is the longest post I think I have ever written.  Love you~~BEAUTIFUL ladeeee!!!!

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