Thursday, June 2, 2011

New “TOY”~~or money pit??

Matthew and JR have decided to go into the fishing business~~hence the boat!!! They have already pulled things our welded holes and purchased wood and seats for this flat-bottom boat.  I do think that they are enjoying the process of making this old boat into a better looking…floating boat!! Floating is one important necessity for the 2 bass fisherman?? I think so anyway~~I really have never been out on a boat fishing—do you think I am missing anything??? I really don’t think so~~worms~~ bus~~ hot~~ smelleeee fish..I think I will pass.

may fun--jack--boat--dune-buggy 041

may fun--jack--boat--dune-buggy 043

may fun--jack--boat--dune-buggy 042

They tell me that this is a boat that was well worth their hard workin’ money.  What do you think?? Looks like a rip off to me…but then again~what do I know???

may fun--jack--boat--dune-buggy 036

NO…seriously!!! I am very proud of my boys!! They took off on their own—with the GPS in hand to pick up their new treasure.  The drive was a little over an hour away.  I think that is pretty darn good for 2 boys that just graduated from High School.  The contraption that the boat is sitting on also came with it!! I am told that this part of the deal was really worth it. 

may fun--jack--boat--dune-buggy 037

They had “BIG” daddy come and and give his seal of approval.  I think that Rob and I are most proud of the work ethic that these 2 young men possess.  They paid for the gas to get the boat and the food to fill their starving bellies and the boat…every little item that has been purchased for this grand flat-bottom boat.  I think that is pretty darn impressive!!! Wootwoot!!!

may fun--jack--boat--dune-buggy 040

may fun--jack--boat--dune-buggy 040

may fun--jack--boat--dune-buggy 044

may fun--jack--boat--dune-buggy 012

Well—now…how did that little bugggger get into this post?? Oh yeah I remember—he was helping the boys out!! He was driving to get the parts for the grand flat-bottom boat!!! Love it~~summer…family!!

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