Thursday, June 23, 2011


What is in the water….as they say??? Lord they are everywhere!! Have you looked lately?? Well…I sure have. Look around you and you will notice~~I found myself trying to count back on my finger…YES-I still use them to count!!—what was going on about OOooo say 9 or 10 months ago??? I am telling you that a lot of hankeee-pankeee was taken’ place~~I am just sayin’!! I am going to post a few pictures to show you what I am talking about. ENJOY!!! I know I sure am…even more that none of them require my responsibility to thrive. Oh sorry~~I am just being honest here.

baby Madelyn 06-22-11 kadee and baby asher 06-23-11 003_edited-1

This is little Princess Madelyn Ann Easter!!! Love the hair.

baby Madelyn 06-22-11 kadee and baby asher 06-23-11 004_edited-1


Oh—that is me with the lil’ Princess!!! I am smiling because I am so thankful I don’t have to get up and feed this little stinker. Really—I am.

baby Madelyn 06-22-11 kadee and baby asher 06-23-11 007

Proud momma~~Crystal…holding Madelyn.  Shesh—that’s obvious!! Sorry but I felt I needed to tell ya’ her name again.  Umm~~about that picture above—I really am smiling because I am happy for Crystal and John…oh that is her proud papuuh!!!  Ooo—he is not in the picture?? Oooo…OK!!! I am sorry I will stop.


baby Madelyn 06-22-11 kadee and baby asher 06-23-11 014

That is cousin Melissa~~I can tell ya’ that behind that smile she is thinking the same devious thoughts I was…we all love our sleep.  I am sorry I will stop now.

baby Madelyn 06-22-11 kadee and baby asher 06-23-11 012_edited-1

Can ya’ tell that there is a little road construction in the background??? LOL~~they have tied that road up for months—right in the busiest area they could pick~~~ Wal-Mart…need I say more?? Didn’t think so. Melissa is very happy for Crystal and John and I think pretty attached to the princess because she didn’t share well with others.

Baby Pics asher 06-23-11 001

Elia holding her new baby brother…Asher Jonathan.  Yeah~~I know…Elia could be my baby~~looks just like Julie and I when we were young.  Especially Julie…my sis~~it is like looking in the past—so surreal.

Baby Pics asher 06-23-11 002

He has the squashed up nose just like his “BIG” bro…it will even out eventually.  Admit it…you were thinking the same thing…I sure as heck know I was when I first saw Ezekiel(BIG bro) but everything is fine…so just relax. 

Baby Pics asher 06-23-11 003 

I cant wait to get my hands on this little guy~~and you can bet your bottom dollurrr that I will have the same smile on my face that I did in that picture you saw earlier on in the post.  I am able to give this thing back..WHEN I am ready.

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