Friday, June 10, 2011

Potato update~~

I wrote an entry in my blog a few weeks ago and told you about our  4 by 4 potato garden that will yield a 100lbs. or more of potatoes from this small space.  Well…we were very skeptical of this idea but after hours of research---yeah…I know!!! Rob not me~~I never read the directions nor listen to the rules!!! I am a rebel like that~~not really!!! I may drink a diet soda before I go to bed knowing full well that I am gonna have to get up thru the night and pee ooo…about 3 times because of that!!!! Sooo~~I really wouldn’t call that a rebel…more like someone who just hates to read and follow directions because I am a hands on learner~~you know a kinesthetic –oh forget it!!! Now back to the potato box~~just wait till you see the pics.  Those little buuugers are grown’ like weeds…well…not really weeds~~oh I am sorry back on point.  Sorry bout all this—have not taken my meds yet!!!LOL!!  Ok…on to the pics~~~
misc june 2011 011
misc june 2011 020
misc june 2011 008
Poor Rob~~~this is his work truck!!! Oh well…at least he has good ol’ Betsy!!!
misc june 2011 012
misc june 2011 021
Now there are 2 rows high of the boards and the top-soil has been added.  Then we sit and wait for the plants to grow a few more feet and then slap on another board.  Not me now—it was a little tooooo hot for me out there!!!
misc june 2011 033
See—here I am in good ol’ Betsy taking a pic of Rob thru the rearview mirror.  Hey…that’s another good thing about Betsy…she has A/C!!
misc june 2011 031
So that is it for now folks~~I know you will be waiting with anticipation for the next potato box update!!!

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