Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Dear Friend and Bread~~

OK…the title is telling it all~~it doesn’t get any better than that folks!!!  So…my dearest friend in the whole-wide-world asked me about this bread recipe!!! I just had to do a blog entry on it because it is so-darn eazzzz.  So—here goes the pictures and the recipe~~keep in your mind that I am taking these pictures while trying to cook in a dark-dank-dingeee basement!!! So…be kind—oh and also I am trying to keep from getting my camera dirty.  It is kinda’ nice to be able to use it when I am in the mood to take pics and write and stuff of that nature.  So clean is the way I need my camera to be. 

bread for my dearest friend prt. 2 001

Cast of characters===well…except the water—I kinda’ forgot to put that in there and I also didn’t want it to get cold.  That is a lie…I really forgot it but that sounded really convincing and it does need to be warm. The recipe says somewhere around 70 degrees but I just put my pinkeee in the water and if it feels like taking a dip~~it is spot on.  Don’t worry your pretty little head I will post the entire recipe at the end of the 2 day process.  Yeah…that’s right.  It will take 2 days but you don’t really have to do anything but look pretty and smell good and well you know the rest. 


4 cups of all-purpose flour..did you notice the nice pretty measuring cup??? I thought ya’ might—I positioned it like that just for your eyes. Rob purchased that set for me at the SOMC gift shop.  That was pretty darn nice~~wouldn’t ya’ say??

bread for my dearest friend prt. 2 003

1/2 tsp. of yeast??? Yeah—I was thinking the same thing.  That is all the yeast I am gonna’ need to create the best bread I have ever eaten on this planet and I am pretty sure any other planet???

bread for my dearest friend prt. 2 004

See~~there it is on a pillow of AP flour. Just thought I would show you this pic~~not really sure why??

bread for my dearest friend prt. 2 005

Salt babeeee~~2 whole teaspoons of it to be exact. 

bread for my dearest friend prt. 2 006

I thought this was a pretty good action shot~~seeing as how I am pouring it with my left hand and taking a picture of it with my right hand??  I know I am weird like that…don’t really know why??

bread for my dearest friend prt. 2 007


Ok—now here is where I like to get all original and stuff…plus I bought this FN whisk and I wanted to show it off.  So~~I whisk it together and make it all nice and fluffy—with my purtee little whisk.  Don’t you think it is nice—FN brand and all!!!???? Purteee nice~~don’t ya’ think!!!??? So it doesn’t even say that you have to mix it together but I just feel better about it all being mixed and even and stuff.  You know…what if the yeast got all glommed up in one spot and it only worked magic in that one little spot.  Ok—I am sorry~~I will talk to the therapist about this issue.  Would it be control and obsessing?? I think not but really YES!!!

bread for my dearest friend prt. 2 010

See the little whole that I made in the flour/yeast/salt mixture?? I am pointing at it with my index finger!!  Well—this is another of my add ins~~~it really is not in the recipe but I like to do it this way sooo… what I am telling you is—this is optional. 

bread for my dearest friend prt. 2 014

This is the 2 cups of warm water—70 degrees or soo if fine or do the pinkeee swim test!!! If you go tooooo hot it kills the beautiful…wonderful…magical yeast!!!!

bread for my dearest friend prt. 2 017

See how the water stays put until you start to mix it with the red spatula?? Well—this here folks is optional.  I just like to mix it with a spatula until it gets to the messy part.  Then I use the hands…however—you can start out with your hands and start the messy party sooner.


The recipe states that you will have something he called shaggeeee dough—which is like~~well it is hard to tell but it is kind of like messeeeee or a little…hmmm~~well I just can’t explain it.  So---just mix it and be done with it.

bread for my dearest friend prt. 2 023

Cover with plastic wrap and then—now this is totally optional but I feel as if it has to be done because it just aint bread unless a tea-towel is in use.  So totally optional but cover the plastic wrap with tea-towel!!


So—now this is totally optional as well…but I place it in the oven.  NO…not a hot oven because it would melt the plastic and then ruin the precious tea-towel.  I just put it in there because I stays nice and cozeee and NO breeze.  You can opt for a place that makes your skirt fly up and makes ya’ say howdee.  I have heard of people putting it in a sunny window or on top of the dryer??? I have even heard of people running the dryer and then turning it off and sitting the bread mixture in the dryer.  It needs to be a yeast friendly climate~~so take it from me…the oven in the off position is the best place for this kinda’ situation.  OK…now~~that is it!! I am being dead serious with you.  I will leave this in the oven for 18 hrs. or up to 24.  However—I have found that the 18th hour is the magic time.  However—it won’t harm the dough if it is longer.  Now in 18 hrs. or so I will show you what it looks like and how to prepare for the baking process!!! That is it---the yeast and time is the magic potion for this bread.  You then bake it and it is the BOMB BABEEE the BOMB!!!!!!  Use a nice sharp bread knife and cut it while it is still warm…not hot but warm—with a little sweet cream butter~~none of this fake stuff…margarine isn’t real.  The stuff is chemically processed.  I think that is enough for today---that will be an entry for another day.

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