Monday, August 29, 2011

BETTER than SEX?? I sure hope so~~

I will have to tell you that I have always had a fear of making caramel?? I really don’t understand why but I did in fact fear it~~and the bubbling up action that occurred when the heavy cream was added to the hot bubbling amber colored sugar water was pure excitement.  I know…I don’t get out much but I say whatever makes your skirt fly up go for it!! For me~~that answer is working with food.  So—my son discovered the famous Better Than Sex Cake aka…Paul Newman Cake. I will now make it a point to have this cake for him as often as he would like because I am hoping that he believes the name of this cake to be a TRUE fact~~a VERY TRUE FACT indeed!! Sooo~~I took a few pictures of the caramel sauce I created and the cake that is gonna’ keep my son outta’ trouble. 

caramel making and chest august 20116 014

caramel making and chest august 20116 017

Well—at least I like to think so???

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