Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Boring?? Exciting?? In the EYE

I don’t know if you have noticed that I have not been writing much because I feel like my life is just toooo darn boring!! Well~~the more I think about that the madder I get!! Just like beauty is in the EYE of the beholder…well~~I say that exciting vs boring is also in the EYE of the beholder.  So—to @#!! with not writing.  I will write what is going on in my life and if ya’ don’t like it~~well…so be it!!! Matthew might just want to read this blog when he is in his 30’s and see just what we were doing in late August of 2011.  NOT!!! LOL!!!

Soooo~~today I got to visit with my nephew here at the house and then go eat with my son at our favorite restaurant Toro Loco.  Then I went to see my nephew because they were having yellow-jacket issues and Matthew had to go help.  Then came home and Matthew started mowing grass and stumbled upon a nest of yellow jackets here at our house~~got stung 5 times in the back and 1 time on the ear!!! OOOOuuch~~now what are the odds that your helping kill the suckers at your uncle’s house but you come home to be attacked by the suckers on your own turf!!?? Weird…I know!! See I told you that my life isn’t boring.  So back to the massive swarm of YJ’s~~I made the baking soda paste and put it on the stings and within just a few seconds the stinging/burning subsided.  So—I am going to show you a few pics of the things we saw/did today and I am going to try and do more and more small entries so that my son will have something to read to his grand-children when I am toooo old to see the words on the computer screen. 

misc iphone pics august 2011 077 

Jack with his graham-crackers enjoying a ride in the wagon—thanks to mama Maggie.  The weather was wonderful today—autumn really is in the air.

misc iphone pics august 2011 079

We found the home of the toad that has been visiting Jack in his little play house. 

misc iphone pics august 2011 086

Then I got to color with Jack while Matthew killed the the YJ’s just outside their window.

misc iphone pics august 2011 087

Then if you look really really close you can see the grasshopper that Jack and I discovered in the bushes next door.  All in all I would have to say this was a pretty exciting day~~wouldn’t you?? Sure you do??

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