Friday, August 5, 2011

Normal Friday Morning~~snippet!!

On a normal Friday morning I get my coffee started and decide what I am going to have for breakfast!! I don’t eat the normal Quaker Oat Meal Squares with brown sugar and cinnamon—no…I stray from the routine and go for something new.  Today I toasted up a big ol’ slice of my homemade bread and slathered it with the newest batch of strawberry jam. (mom just made some this week) I am telling you that this was heaven in my mouth~~mmmmmm good!!!! Then I take my breakfast into the family room where I plop down in the recliner. Then I get the pout from Princess KaDee—so I know she is hungry.  So—I not so happily get back up and fix her some breakfast of her own.

misc august iphone pics 002

This is her on the arm of the chair and half on my leg—this is the pouting!!!

misc august iphone pics 003

Then she moves to the foot of the chair…thinking that this will make me realize even more that she is pouting.

misc august iphone pics 004

Then~~when that doesn’t seem to be working for her…she gives me those big ol’ brown puppy dog eyes.  Then I have to get up!! Darn it!!

misc august iphone pics 006

I get her 2 nice juicy beautiful hamburger patties that I cut up in small little bites for her.  This is OUR beef that Matthew raised~~it don’t get NO better than this folks!!! However…I get this pouting…like she is going to make me suffer thru more pouting because I made her wait or something!!?? Oh well…just a snippet into my regular Friday morning routine.  What is your Friday morning routine?? Those 2 or 3 readers of mine have my email—give me a shout out as to what your Friday morning routine/ritual is!!??

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