Thursday, August 4, 2011

Corn…corn…and more corn~~

Not much going on here this week…it has been corn time.  Mom and I have been getting corn ready for the cold winter months ahead.  I will have to say that when the snow is flying wildly thru the air—I love to take a bite of the freshness of the garden.

However---I can tell ya’ that SanDee got a revamp of her stall.  I will show you a few pics of the event.

misc iphone pics 124

I think that this is the first time she has been away from her fan since the first day it was turned on for the summer.  I know…I know SanDee but it is worth is when the stall smells of fresh bedding.

misc iphone pics 126

misc iphone pics 128

misc iphone pics 001

Well…now~~how did that get in there!!!??? That is Elia Jo and her cute little piggy tails! Big bro Ezekiel and Little bro Asher.  This visit was at the end of July.  Wow~~can NOT believe how fast they have grown up.  That little Z should be my Matthew.

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