Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Buzzzzzing Tuesday~~

Today was a pretty normal Tuesday…well~~except for Autumn has made her appearance in the mornings here where I live and the YJ’s (yellow-jackets)we discovered have been annihilated!!! Sorry YJ lovers…we had to get rid of them~~we have babies around this joint~~2 and 4 legged varieties to be exact.  So—here goes…straight from the phone to your home!! Enjoy and have a beautiful day!!!

misc iphone pics 08-23-11 001

Breathtaking view~~one that I have seen for around—well lets just say it is longer than I care to count. The water is warmer than the air and this is the sign I have been waiting for!!! Autumn is officially here~~

misc iphone pics 08-23-11 002

misc iphone pics 08-23-11 003

Even the garden is telling me that fall has officially arrived!! We are down to just a few rows of veggies.

misc iphone pics 08-23-11 006

Even SanDee greeted me this morning~~while I was snapping this pic~~sure sign!! She would never EVER venture away from her fan if it were still summer!!!

misc iphone pics 08-23-11 007misc iphone pics 08-23-11 008misc iphone pics 08-23-11 009

This is a view of the lake from our house~~it sure is worth waking up for isn’t it!!! I could hear the early morning moisture dripping on the leaves and branches around me.  Yeah yall fall is officially here.  Isn’t it just great~~fantastic~~awesome!! This is my favorite time of year along with someone very special to me that is getting to see her first fall away from me in a BRAND NEW LIGHT~~I hope it is wonderful GRANDma!!! I tell ya’ I know we both enjoyed this time of year and I have a feeling it is gonna’ be a GREAT one and you have a front row seat!! ENJOY the splendor!!

misc iphone pics 08-23-11 010

The above picture is in the same spot as the grouping of pictures just above this one.  If you look really close you can see that the trees are just staring to succumb the shorter hours of sunlight.

misc iphone pics 08-23-11 011

This is the beautiful sky above—hardly a cloud in the sky today.  Who would have thunk that we would have had a trimmer here in the great state of KY?? Huh?? Not me!!

misc iphone pics 08-23-11 012

This little white 4 legged baby is the reason I was outside taking pictures of the sky.  Potty break~~she thinks momma has to have a potty break with her!! Don’t tell her but I enjoy them~~even though I grumble!!

misc iphone pics 08-23-11 013misc iphone pics 08-23-11 014

This is the new project~~MY new project…well Rob is making it—but it is alllll mine!!! It is a blanket chest that will almost reach the width of our king size bed and a nice place to sit your bum and put your shoes on.  Can NOT wait for this one to be completed.  I bet Rob can’t wait either~~LOL!!

This is where the YJ’S have been living~~the ones that stung Matthew.  NOT the ones that stung the painters at my bros house and were sent to a better place today.  2 holes probably means a pretty darn BIG nest?? I will let ya’ know what is uncovered.  That is puurteee much it for now!! Love ya'!!

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