Monday, November 29, 2010

DEADLY weapon or SKILLET??

I want you to check out this skillet!! This was another gift from my dear husband.

food and deer 004

I am tellin’ ya that this skillet makes some damn good cornbread and that cornbread just happened to be the cornbread used in the famous dressing that I have been bragging about~but yet to give you the details or the pictures. I promise that it’s coming and coming soon.  I just have to write these posts as they come into my head. Now…I am a woman that loves my husband and would do anything for him.  I consider him my VERY BEST friend in the entire world and would never dream of harming him—well truthfully I have dreamed of hurting him~~~don’t say that you haven’t dreamed of hurting your significant other.  That’s just a normal dream—like your fighting and in your dream you have to kill him/her and then your terrified of getting caught and so on and so forth—then you wake up with REAL tears in your eyes.  Tell me that I am not crazeeeee and that you too have had these dreams??  Back to the “DEADLY” weapon.  Let me just tell ya that if Rob was dipin’ his wick somewhere it shouldn’t be dipped I would be using this gift he purchased for me~~against him!! Sorry folks—for the dippin’ thing-a-ma-bobeeee but I am just saying that if I did hit him with this skillet I may be doin’ time because this my friend could be a deadly weapon.  Look at the fork~~you know how big a normal fork is!! Now—take another look at that beautiful lump of iron.  The handle on both sides is a necessity—not for when it’s full of cornbread or deer meat or a pineapple upside down skillet cake but for the purpose of moving the skillet from the peg-board to the stove. Peg-board~~you ask yourself what in the world is this lunatic talking about—its on my blog so check it out!!! Well--anyway~~I LOVE you—iron skillet!!!

Oh yeah---and you tooooo Rob. Just watch your back!!!! LOL!!!!  

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