Sunday, November 14, 2010

Homemade KETTLE CHIPS!!!!!


homemade potato chips 002


Here they are in all their glory!!! The crispiness of the potato with that fantastic sea salt and hint of black pepper!!! We have been paying big money for these puppies at Kroger and your lucky if there is 30 in a bag!!!! I am sorry that there are only a few of these beauties to show you but we couldn’t keep them made up fast enough. 

homemade potato chips 006

This is the size of the dish that we were transferring the crispy warm kettle chips to after the seasoning settled into the crevices!!! Oh—my those are the best little crevices I have ever laid eyes on. LOL!!!  Now…the ones on my face are not so great but I will leave that for another post!!!! However~~they are there!!!

homemade potato chips 004

Once again I have to thank dear ol’ mom for showing me how to make these golden little nuggets!!! You really need to have a tool called a Mandolin~~very dangerous little weapon!! Trust me—I know this to be the truth!!! This is another story in-and-of-itself that I will post about later!!! LOL!!! Man—I have some stories to tell ya!!!

Things I have learned from mom about making homemade potato (kettle) chips!!!

  • oil needs to be very hot—make sure that between each batch that the oil reaches the correct temp again or the chips will be greeezeeeeee!!! YUCK!!!!!

  • have your paper towels and newspaper ready to use for blotting any excess oil

  • slice the potatoes very thin—1/16th of an inch is what we did

  • if your not using the potatoes immediately you will need to give them a salt water bath

  • before dropping them in the hot oil pat them dry with a paper towel or tea towel

  • fry them to the desired doneness that your prefer and then season them up with salt, pepper, cayenne pepper, parm cheese or just eat them plain~~whatever makes your skirt fly up!!!

Thanks again mom for the fantastic tutorial on potato chips!!! Can’t wait to see what she teaches me next!!!!

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