Tuesday, November 30, 2010

GINGER coma~~

Oh my…Oh my…Oh my am I ever in a GINGER coma with these sandeeee brown puppies!!!

soft gingersnaps 002

Just look at these chewy gingersnap cookies!!  This is the cookie that ends the search for the perfect cookie!! Can ya’ see the sugar that the sugar fairy dusted on the outside of the cookie? Sweetness is the first taste that will visit your taste buds with this edible delight. 

soft gingersnaps 001 

Then as you start to chewy the small bite that you have taken(because you want to make this cookie last as long as possible)you will get a hint saltiness from the course salt that was added to the batter.  Then as you think the joy ride is just about over you will pick up the heat of GINGER~~then its starts again because your now starting your second bite.  MMMMM~~I am just tellin’ ya…you will not be able to eat just one. This is the recipe if you would like to tempt your palate??


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