Thursday, November 25, 2010

Tea Fairy Lights~~~

Did fairies come down from the heavens and drink tea with the worldleee and light candles with the sparkle dust bursting from their wings!!!??? Well~~~that's what I am thinking about during the holiday evenings when I light these little mystical lights~~~~what the heck am I talking about!!! Well--you needn't fear~~I am not crazeeeee!!! Check out the picture below!!!!

spicy nut,tea fairy lights,org.cranberry muffins 014

See aren’t they just fairy deeeelish?? Be honest!!! You know darn well that they are not~~however I do have some pictures that show off the little baby fairies so that you too can appreciate them as much as me!!!! Here is a little sneeeek peeeek!!!! Do you notice that I love to use the vowel “e”?? Why is this!!?? Better yet~~if your reading this post on my simple lil’ ol’ blog you know me pretty darn well. Tell me what you think~~why am I obsessed with the vowel “e”? Just drop me a response in my in-box and we will get into some good therapy!!! No~~seriously it’s because I am a terrible speller and a great deal of the time I really don’t have a clue of the correct way to spell a word!! For ex: is it ee, e, ea, sneeeekeeee “e”, sometimes the second vowel does the talking or just another one of those ding-dong-dang- phonics rules that I loved to teach!!!! What in this world am I talking about!!?? A little tooo much of that wine I was telling you about earlier~~oh..that’s right I have not mentioned that yet!!! Sorry 'bout that!!

spicy nut,tea fairy lights,org.cranberry muffins 015

Now they are lookin’ just a teeenseeee bit faireeeish~~that word looks a little weird!! I know~~but I like it any-ol-how!!!

spicy nut,tea fairy lights,org.cranberry muffins 018spicy nut,tea fairy lights,org.cranberry muffins 017

Still not so pretty~~just you wait and see!!!

spicy nut,tea fairy lights,org.cranberry muffins 016

Now look at that little fairy~~these are hand painted holly and holly berries.  If you look very close~~the blue and red ones also have the same print but its raised…I guess you would describe it as fairy braille.  It is beautiful but just not painted. Now back to that wine~~when I am thinking of these dreeeemeee faireeeish thoughts I might just be drinking a little red wine that I have my lil’ sis pick up from me whenever she is in Richmond, KY.  This red juice may even make the fairy tea-lights look as if they are floating off of the table with their little baby wings!!!!

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