Thursday, November 11, 2010

Pie Dough~~I mean real PIE DOUGH!!!

OK...OK...OK... I realize that I may have written a post or 2 concerning or involving me making my mom's homemade pie dough recipe!!! I thought that I had it down pat but after today~~I realize that I in fact didn't and can honestly say that I NOW have it!! I can say what mom tells me all the time~~~"You will just feel it!!" What?? I will just feel it!! I don't think so because I feel dry, sticky, wet, I have NO flippin' idea what I am feeling for!!????  Well--whalla-whalla-bing-bang--MOM~~I finally reached the pinnacle of pie crust making.  So..folks I have been converted into a pie crust snob!! No more box pie shells for me!!! Since this was such a monumental event in my life I snapped a few pics!!!!

Ain't she a beautiful round disc of lovin"??

 Look at it~~just look at it!!! Here is another thing that dear ol' mom would say to me~~I don't see the shortening in this pie dough!!! You can't see what??? Where??? How??? I know that I put it in there but its all mixed in!! That's what ya told me to do!!! Well=then a few tears would be shed and I would throw yet another pie shell away!!!
GOT IT~~MOM!!!! It's hard to see in this pic--I will try to do a better job next post on my pie dough making picture taking!!!LOL!!! However--you can see the shortening in the dough!!! Guess what?? I was cutting in the shortening way toooo much!!!!
See--look~~~I got it in the pie dish and it didn't fall into about 40 pieces!!! At the point of pie crust crumbling into a small pile of dry dough I would cry for my mommy and throw the shells away and all the while saying words that I really shouldn't be repeating!!!! Seriously-ask Rob if ya' don't believe me--well anyone that lives in this house will verify the many temper-tantrums thrown over this homemade crust ordeal!!!!  

You just have NO idea how happy I am at this point in the pie making process!!! I am smiling and singing Christmas songs!!! Everyone was gone today so I had the holiday music blaring.  It was a true day of rejoicing!!!!

Pumpkin is in store for these beautiful shells!!! Thanks so much mom!!! You stuck with me and made it out alive!!!! You have made me one happy gal and 2 very happy men!! Oh--those men would be Rob and Matthew!!!
I LOVE YOU MOM~~~your so AWESOME!!! I am getting closer to your AWESOMENESS!!!!!

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