Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Trim Job~~

Well--since I am not working we have really tried to cut back on the expenses!! Now...I am not gonna say that I have done everything that could save us money!!! I still have my IPhone and l am holdin' on to that puppy.  One of the ways that we have been doing that is by grooming KaDee's hair!!! Man--I am tellin' ya~~it's a BIG job!!! A lot of work and patients go into making my baby as pretty as possible!!!! Here are a few pics of this event and let me warn ya!!! It gets a little messy!!!!

I even have pink handled scissor~~but...let me tell ya~~they don't cut worth a snap!!! So....if I am gonna try to continue to save money I am going to have to spend a little!!! That is kinda weird. Don't ya think?? Guess the ol' saying that it takes money to make money is sorta true. What do ya' all think???  I am gonna spare ya' the pictures of KaDee~~at this point it may shock your pants off!!!!LOL!!!

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