Monday, November 15, 2010


Well...I am thinking that the Biggs/Riffe/Collier family has started the Thanksgiving eating marathon a little earlier than normal.  Just yesterday I posted about our homemade kettle potato chips.  I even dreamed about those little crevices with the sea-salt and fresh cracked pepper. (you would have to read the post to completely understand that comment) So~~today mom and I decided that we would not only make another batch of KC but we would add to the excitement (it doesn't take much folks) and slice up a few sweet potatoes.  Oh my word--I am tellin' ya that I was in 7th HEAVEN!!!!! I was using the Sweet Baby Ray's like there was not gonna be a tomorrow!!! I am going to show you some pictures of these deep, golden, savory, slightly sweet little coins of lovin' but I want to tell ya something first.  When we went to drop these into the hot grease--we both were worried about them not getting crispy enough or that it was gonna take forever for one batch to get good and done!!! Well--hello BETZEEEE...were we ever wrong!!!!??? Now...this is not a common occurrence but I will be the first to admit when I am wrong.  So...I am just sayin'--check these often and try not to eat them all before plating them for the dinner table.

Look that them~~just look at em!!!

Yes--that is my mom dumping them into the dish.  She is actually the one doing the deep frying and I am just helping with getting things ready and taking pictures of course. I mean someone has to be in charge of the camera.
Mom's tip for this cooking lesson is to always put newspaper under the paper towels so the grease will be drawn away from the chips!!!! If you don't have any newspaper--another good tip is to use a brown paper bag.  Sheesh~~mom is full of little tips!!! You would think that she would take all of her good tips and open a restaurant!!!(inside joke here folks!!!)
Thanks again mom--your teaching me some really good healthy cooking!!!LOL!!! Just wait till you read the post tomorrow!!! Let's just say that gluttony won't even touch it and we can blame this one on Zo bug!!!

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