Saturday, November 20, 2010

He Got Him One~~

The last week or so has been gun season in our area.  Matthew has been really working hard at getting  a “BIG” 10 point.  He did get him one~~however…it was not a 10 point but it was a young doe.  Hey~~we will take it because I want some of that deer meat ground up for a nice big bowl of deer chili!!!

deer 005

I know that he doesn’t look all that excited about the situation but I can assure you that he is!!!!

deer 002deer 003

By the time that I arrived on the scene he had already gutted her and everything was all cleaned up!! Now don’t get me wrong—I am not complaining one little bit about my late arrival and late pictures.

deer 004

Do you see that thingamabobby that the deer is hanging from?  Well~~~my son created this contraption to hang his catches on!! I am very proud of him and his creation.  Now don’t get me wrong…I am not naive enough to think that he has not seen something like this in a magazine or store.  However---how many 17 year olds do you know that could use the cutting torch and weld up their own hanger thingamabobby?? Go ahead—think about it?!?! Not many~~right??

deer 010

deer 011

deer 012

His dad is also impressed~~he was just as surprised as I was to discover that Matthew was becoming a man.  He was creating things on his own without even telling us about it!!! It was like Matthew was surprised that we were surprised.  He acted as if it were just a given that he would have been able to do something like this on his own.  I tell ya...I am one proud momma.  I know that this is not a “BIG” deal to some—but to his dad and I it is a “BIG” deal!!! This is our “10 point”.  Matthew~~we love you!!!!

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